Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventures in Training #5 - March Recap & April Goals

Another month down and I feel pretty good. I wanted to end this month with a really great workout but with an unplanned trip to the doctors office with a son with two pink eyes, sinus infection and an ear infection it just didn't happen. I think April is going to be the month that I will need to kick up the workouts. I got my bike this past week so I will be able to start that, as well as adding more running. My plan is to try (as work allows) to go to the gym everyday at lunch, not just to swim but also use the treadmill. I also need to start being better about working out on the weekend. I have been struggling to balance everything going on and I am sure it won't really get much easier but I am going to have to try.

My new inspirational quote:

My April goals: continue swimming 2-3x week and focusing on longer continuous lengths, run/walk 1-2x week, bike 1-2x week not really to focus on distance yet but to just feel more comfortable on it.

Notes from March:

3/2 - 20 min, about 20 laps. I need to figure out a way to keep track of laps/distance. I tend to stop counting then I lose count. On a side note, decided today to add running to the mix this month.

3/5 - 20 min, 20 laps. Did a full length with no breath! I have been pushing myself more, it feels good. I'm not gaining speed but that is ok. I can tell me breathing is getting stronger.

3/7 - Well I went to the Y today, but it was closed because of no power. Really threw off my day! So I did some light aerobic activities.

3/8 - did 20 min of insanity! Felt great!

3/12 - 20 laps, I did some drills in which you drag your finger tips along the water, I really had to focus on it. My shoulders burned. You wouldn't think it would be that different.

3/14 - went running after work. (if you want to call it that) because this was my first "run" of the season, it was mostly brisk walking. About 1.75 miles in 30 minutes.

3/16 - just some light cardio today, took the day off with my husband. Whatever I did burn I am sure the wine had it come back.

3/17 - took a "hike" with my son and friends. More like a stroll through the woods. We we're out for probably 2 hours or so.

3/19 - had a great swim! 22 laps, about 20 mins. Totally grossed out in the locker room, can't let that affect my training.

3/21 - today was a run day, my partner wasn't able to make it and because it was gloomy I decided to go to the Y instead. Spent 20 minutes on the treadmill at 4.5-5 mph (13-12 min mile) and 15 on the elliptical type thing. It is more fun outside.

3/23 - 700 m in 25 min. PB. Instead of counting laps I focused on swimming 100 meters with a 30 second break between each 100. It felt great!

(I need to start doing more on the weekends!)

3/26 - 750 meters, 25 mins. A little better than last Friday. I am hoping for 800 on Friday.

3/28 - was supposed to run but it didn't happen so, I did Insanity Cardio Abs without the cardio. Still a good workout. (it's 3/30 and my abs still hurt!)

3/29 - light cardio, about 20 mins worth.

3/30 - 700 m, 20 min. Pushed a little harder today, rested every 200 meters, 30 seconds.