Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventures in Training #4 - February recap & March Goals

February was NOT a good month for me, mostly because I got sick but also work interfered a little. Granted if I was actually able to get to work on time, maybe this wouldn't be as much of an issue.  But I have made up my mind that even if I have to stay until 6, I am swimming!  Not 100% sure how my husband feels about that, but I know he is being supportive. 

I am thinking of doing a 5k training program, I got an email from BWC talking about their training schedule.  Even though I don't feel I really need it, it is $25 to be held accountable one evening a week for 8 weeks.  It doesn't start until May so I have some time.  I figure I will stick with swimming for the most part through March and as the days keep getting longer and warmer I will start doing more outside. 

Like it or not here are my notes from this past month:

2/1- 22 laps, 20 mins. Mostly freestyle with a couple laps of breast. Only 6 laps with the board, mixed up just regular kicking and froggy. (this workout actually left me sore, my shoulders really feel it!)
2/3- had to work though lunch so I could pick up T.
2/6 - got sick Sunday and stayed home from work today.
2/8 - stayed home Tuesday too, not going to push my self today. Went to work but didn't do anything. Hopefully Friday I will be up for a swim.
2/10 - nope still sick, left early to go to doctors.
2/13 - feeling a little better, not swimming again today. Wed I hope to get back!
2/15 - OK. Made it to the Y, I really only used the kick board because I am still snotty. (side note: if you are snotty and swim, there is a good chance your sinuses will drain...) I swam for about 20 minutes and didn't keep track of the laps.
2/17- nope
2/19 - took a 2 hour hike/walk with the family
2/20 - nope (work related)
2/22 - nope (work related)
2/24 - needed to work through lunch to pick up my boy.
Ugh!!! This has NOT been a good month so far!
2/27 - I made it...I swam for about 20 minutes. I did all free style, about 18 laps.  It felt good. 
2/29 - Leap Day! At least I am finishing the week on a higher note then the middle of the month even though I didn't swim, but I did do some Insanity!  So I feel OK with that.

Hopefully March will be a better month, I am going to continue to swim and hopefully do more outside.

On a side note...trying to workout and have a family isn't really that easy, how do people balance it all?