Monday, September 27, 2010

Slow cooker pulled pork

I must say this was my first time making real pulled pork and it was so good and easy!  We own a grill that is also a smoker and have talked about smoking the pig and even though it would have been a beautiful day to use it, I just wasn't ready to try it. So I opted for the slow cooker.

I put the pork butt in the cooker and filled it half way with root beer. Yes, root beer. Then cooked it on low for about 8-10 hours (I started it before I went to bed and just let it cook all night.) After cooking on low, drain (saving some juices) and using a fork shred/pull the pork. Place the pork back in the cooker and mix in your favorite BBQ sauce, I only used about 3/4 cup. Cook on low for another hour or so then turn to warm. Serve with extra BBQ sauce.
So easy! So good!