Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pie Time!

It’s almost PIE TIME!! I can’t wait! I have so many ideas; I hope I get a chance to do them all!

During the holidays in my family, I am the one that makes the pies. Since my grandmother and aunt taught me, it has been my thing. I always make the standards; apple and pumpkin. My apple pie is never the same, I do the same things but I never measure and therefore it is always slightly different each time. My pumpkin is usually the same; I follow my grandmother’s recipe and haven’t ever really strayed from it (except I use canned pumpkin most of the time.) Along with the apple and pumpkin I always do one other that is usually something I have never made before, two years ago…a chocolate mixed nut pie, winner! I will make that again, no doubt. (Last year I didn’t make any pies because I was too busy being a brand new mom.)

This year I have decided that I am going to go out of the box and do a few things different. I will still do apple and pumpkin, but I will be doing a twist on them. I am thinking that I want to add something else to the apple, I usually add some pear and probably still will, but I am thinking a berry of some sort, maybe some cranberries or blueberries (even though they aren’t in season.) And maybe even a crumble topping instead of the crust? I don’t know.

For the pumpkin I am thinking of instead of a plain crust doing a cookie crust with possibly ginger snaps, or chocolate. I was even thinking of on the bottom crust lay pecans and caramel down before pouring in the custard mixture. But if I was to do that I think I would just keep a plain crust. Someone at work today gave me the idea of adding candied yams or sweet potato, do like a half pumpkin and half sweet potato pie? I am getting so hungry just thinking about it!

Once I start making pies, which I plan on doing at least one this weekend, I will post the recipes. Yummy!!!