Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Baby's First Birthday

It is almost son turning one! I can't believe how fast this year has gone.  It is funny how parents always say their children just grow so fast, I didn't realize how true it really is! If this year is flying by and he isn't moving that fast yet, I can only imagine how fast time will go when he is. But anyway, back to the first birthday. 

I originally wanted something small that included maybe just his grandparents and our neighbors, I mean really will he really remember any of this?  I feel like as long as I have the pictures for his scrapbook I should be ok, right? Well, we have decided that we are having him baptised the morning of his party which means it is going to fall on a Sunday.  This was decided so the grandparents can make one trip, it's just easier that way.  So my husband and I like Sesame Street so we have decided that, that will be the theme for the party.  If he wants to do it again later for his 2nd or 3rd than that is fine.

For his invitation, I created it in Microsoft Publisher using an image of the Sesame Street gang (above) and bold primary colors.  I then, using my scrapbooking stuff, pasted the cut out invitation on to a piece of primary colored card stock.  The finished product ended up being 4x6.  I just need to get envelopes, I am hoping that the dollar store might have them.  We will see. 

While I was looking for a picture of the whole gang, I came across cupcakes. So the plan now is that I am going to make cupcakes, with each character represented on the cupcake.  Then for my son, I am going to create a small Cookie Monster cake just for him.  I am really looking forward to doing this.  (I will post pictures after I make them.)

His birthday is in November and I understand it is just over a month away but because time seems to be going so fast, October will be over before I know it.  It is just crazy!