Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scarecrow Farm and Flea Market

The name of this farm sounds like a place that would have everything, but... That really wasn't the case. It was nice don't get me wrong. The owner was a very nice man who was great to talk to, most likely an old hippy. The farm has a lot of space for flea market vendors and visitors, today it was empty except for one vendor who was packing up when we got there. (Granted the hours were from 9-2 and we got there at 1:30, so we may have missed more.)

About two to three times a month they have live music, activities for kids and of course vendors selling anything. It is definitely more of a flea market than a farmers market but they did have fresh local fruits and vegetables. The owner and I talked about the long neck pumpkins that were on the front porch and he seemed excited about all the fall vegetables that will be coming soon.  My sister-in-law and I decided that we may reserve a space in October and sell some things and see it while it is a little more busy.

I have to admit I am a sucker for cute old men, I can't help it. some people like babies, me? Nope it's old men, I can listen to their stories for hours. And now you are probably thinking "why is she telling me this?" well the farm has this quote under their sign, on their t-shirts (yes they have t-shirts) and on other signs posted around the store. It is, "Help yourself, pay the cute old man in the shed." and I must admit he is a cute old man, ponytail and all.

Getting back on track...

I plan on going to this farm again, earlier next time, to see if there is more. They do however have a lot of scarecrows, they seem homemade like someones crafts. They are cute but unless I gave in to my child whining to have one I don't think I would actually purchase one. They just aren't my style, my neighbor has one in their yard.

If you are interested in checking them out you can find them at 2178 Orwig Road in Stewartstown or on the web at