Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adventures in Training (Kinda) #8 - June/July

So I have seriously slacking, not only on posting my training notes but my training itself.  With only 4 weeks left until race day.  I can honestly say my outlook and goals have changed a bit. 

A couple months ago I was excited, or at least it seemed, about training for the triathlon in August but now it is a chore and I am not looking forward to workouts and frankly if it wasn't for my sisters I would probably just say screw it. I am finding out that you need to enjoy training and I just don't, it causes me too much stress and takes me away from other things that make me happy. I will continue to grin and bear it, make it across the finish line with my adrenaline pumping, but I will probably not do it again. It has not only been the training for the upcoming tri but just the whole weight loss journey. I am glad I have lost weight, and yes I would like to keep it off and even lose a little more, but it all comes down to what makes me happy. I don't want give up family time, time in my studio, or even stuff I just want to do around the house. I have given all of these things up, some more than others (I refuse to lose too much family time!), to workout/train.

The last few times I have gone to swim the pool has be closed, either to weather or filtration issues. The biking, well I have gone out a couple times but not nearly enough.  And currently, I did something to my back and it had been killing me, I can't remember the last time I had so much pain. Ugh! (I am too old to do a slip-n-slide.)  Not to mention with changing my workouts to the evenings, and being busy at work there have been days that I have skipped working out because of working late.

I plan on swimming and biking still, like it or not. I do enjoy these things in a leisurely fashion, just not when they cause me stress (eg. training). There are other things that I would much rather do. (And one other thing...I am tired of people who do triathlons all the time telling me it is easy and I will do fine even when they don't know me or my abilities. And dammit, if I need to get my ass off the bike to walk up some god forsaken hill I will!)

So my goal is to finish; standing (maybe hunched over) with no injuries. Plain and simple, I don't have a time I want to beat or hit. 

Side note...I would be biking today if I didn't have to work late but that is what happens when you have a kid who doesn't feel well and it just takes a little longer to get going in the morning. Now back to work...

(I have to be honest, everything I have done to date has surprised the hell out of me, and I am sure everyone else who knows me too.)