Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures in training #3 - January recap & February Goals

Since today is the 31st and I will probably only do a little cardio at home tonight, I figured I would post today.  As I said in the last post, I joined the Y and began to swim at lunch.  I averaged about a 20 minute swim, and really only focused on getting used to lap swimming.  Honestly, I probably haven't swam laps since I was on the swim team as a kid.  So anyway...

The swim portion of the race is 0.62 miles, just shy of 1000 meters. The pool I am swimming is a 25 meter pool, so that breaks out to be about 40 laps.

My notes from this past month:

1/16 - 20 min swim, about 20 laps felt great, my arms feel a little like jello and I need to work on my form. This time I swam a lap, rested, swam, rested. I rested for only a few seconds and alternated between free and breast strokes.

1/18 - 16 laps, 15 min. I alternated between breast and free but I also used the kick board for about 4 laps, one to give my arms a break and two to work on my legs/kicking. I started late today so I wasn't able to swim as long as I would have liked.

1/20 - 22 laps, 20 min. I used the kick board a bit more today and tried to focus on my breathing. I must say I don't feel I go as fast when I use the board (I did about 10 laps with it.)

1/23 - dentist appointment so I wasn't able to get to swim. :(

1/25 - 20 laps (I think, mind was not in it) about 20 min.

1/27 - didn't swim, forgot T had a birthday party so I ran out at lunch.

1/30 - 26 laps, 25 mins. Swam more continuous. Alternated 6 laps free with 4 laps using the kick board.

I met a woman that was reading in between laps, I asked what she was reading and it was a swim workout.  A book that had 3 levels and mixed it up so you don't get bored.  I may check it out, granted I don't remember what it is called.


My goals are going to be about the same, swim three days a week at lunch. (With some cardio thrown in.)
I need to work on my eating habits, I have noticed on my swim days I am extra hungry and don't have enough to satisfy.  Which means I will grab whatever crap is laying around the office, not good.  I do try to have extra protein, but will still need to figure it out.