Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adventures in Training #1- Preview/Background

This past year I have been on a quest to lose weight and get healthier. While on this quest I have made a point to run two 5k's. Now if anyone knows me, I have spent the last 30 years of my life doing everything possible NOT to run. When I played sports (which wasn't much) I was playing defense in soccer or first base in softball. I got motivated by the fact I lost weight after my son was born, mostly due to breast feeding I'm sure, but I never went back to my pre-baby weight. I decided that that was the motivation I need to keep losing. At my heaviest I was 210 and wearing a size 18, no woman ever wants to be in the 200's, but now I am 172 and in a size 12/14. I'm sharing this because I'm proud of what I have accomplished! Trust me I wouldn't usually share my weight, no woman ever really would.

The reason I am deciding to write this blog, which will be a series (I hope), is because I have signed up for my first triathlon. A triathlon! This is something I will need and want to train for and not just wait until two weeks before and say "oh know I better do something". So I am going to try to keep a log or journal of my 'adventures' if you will. Now, I probably won't start really training until the spring but wanted to put it out there. I do feel I need to at least do something so spring won't be too much of a shock. The race is August 19th so I have time. I also will be doing this with my sister which is super exciting!

One hope by doing this is that it will help keep me motivated to reach my goal weight (150). Mixing up swimming, running & biking should also help. But right now my main focus is to find somewhere to swim. There is the Y or local colleges but like everything schedule and moreso price will be a factor. My hope is the Y because there is one near my house and near work. I would like to be able to swim at lunch so I can still have family time when I get home. In reality I would love to do it before work but because Nic goes in to work so early that isn't possible since I have Thomas. I am also starting to think about all the other things I need.  Luckily I have a GREAT support system and friends that are willing to let me use their road bike, (mine is a heavy hybrid).  But, I still need to get a swimsuit (and all the swimming accessories), a bike helmet and I would like to get a trisuit.  (So if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas or my birthday, wink, wink.)

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